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Explore 6 principles of design changemaking with concrete tips on how to activate them in your projects in this digital card deck.

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Disrupting oppression starts with learning...and unlearning.

While this complexity may seem overwhelming, it doesn't have to stop you from starting. That's where our guide can support you.

What you'll get:

Breakdown of complex topics
Changemaking frameworks
Practical examples and resources

Why this product matters to you

This is why you need this product.

Use case #1

A strong anchoring in your values and a desire to put them into practice is essential. If you're not sure of your values, you're likely not ready.

Use case #2

Curiosity, humility and self-awareness are vital ingredients for this program. If you're uncomfortable looking inwards, this isn't right for you.

Use case #3

If you seek formulas for immediate results, this program won't give you that (they don't exist!). We'll focus on planting seeds for growth and change.

Your learning journey

The curriculum has been designed to move you forward
from theory to action at a reasonable pace.

Week 1: Find your why and your starting point
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Get familiar with the program curriculum and assess your starting point. Review the human and business case behind designing for positive change and identify the “why” that most resonates with you.

1-hr Welcome Call (Jan 22, 2024): Introduction of program and instructor and networking with fellow participants
Online lessons and exercises
Group Office Hours (Full Experience only)
Week 2: Unpack the status quo and discover how to disrupt it
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Explore how systems of oppression show up in design and the world around us. Look into the mirror of your own bias, privilege and power. Discover a new frame of thinking and working that can disrupt the status quo.

Online lessons and exercises
Framework and tool review: Design for Social Change Ecosystem and Design Changemaking Principles
2-hour Workshop (Jan 31, 2024): Identifying and unpacking patterns of oppression on a concrete case (Full Experience only)
Group Office Hours (Full Experience only)
Week 3: Grow your capacity
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Build critical thinking, introspective habits and practices to disrupt oppressive patterns and systems and nurture liberatory behaviors in the design process.

Online lessons and exercises
Framework and tool review:  The Reflexive Compass and the Oppressive & Liberatory Spectrum
2-hour Workshop (Feb 7, 2024): Bias mitigation, harm reduction and activation of anti-oppressive practices on a concrete case (Full Experience only)
Group Office Hours (Full Experience only)
Week 4: Address barriers to change
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Work through objections, challenges and barriers to activating equity, inclusion and justice practices in your team, organization and/or projects.

Online lessons and exercises
Capacity assessment
90-min Workshop (Feb 14, 2024): Influencing stakeholders, securing resources and mobilizing support (Full Experience only)
Group Office Hours (Full Experience only)
Week 5: Activate change and prepare for future
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Apply new practices on a personal or professional project with support from your peers and instructor. Assess your progress and prepare an action plan for the future.

Online lessons and exercises
90-min Workshop (Feb 21, 2024): Brainstorming and exploring participants' projects and challenges (Full Experience only)
1-hour Closing Call (Feb 23, 2024): Closing words and reflection on learnings

Scheduling Note: Workshops will be held on Zoom and take place on Wednesdays at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET/6 PM CEST to accomodate a global audience. Office hours will be held on Fridays at the same time.

Two evolving formats

The guide is updated multiple times a year with new learnings and improved accessibility accomodations.

Interactive Web Version
Navigate a dynamic, responsive web guide that you can consult regularly
Downloadable PDF
Review a visually rich PDF e-book that you can download or print for offline reading

Take a peek inside

Our curriculum.

Hi, I’m Sandra Camacho (She/Her), a.k.a. Sandra By Design. I'm not only deeply experienced only an experienced inclusive and equitable design practitioner.

Anchor yourself in your why.

Purpose gives direction. Identify the “why” for inclusive design that most resonates with you.

Decipher the status quo.

Explore how intended and unintended consequences result from systems of oppression.

Unpack your positionality.

No one is truly neutral or objective. Look into the mirror of your own bias, privilege and power.

Master key concepts.

Dive into definitions, principles and concepts across the Design for Social Change Ecosystem.

See "invisible" patterns.

Enhance your capacity to perceive patterns of oppression and liberation in the world.

Build daily mindset habits.

Start to build critical thinking and introspective habits with The Reflexive Compass.
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Meet the creator

Based on years of learning and practice.

This resource was built by Sandra Camacho (She/Her) on the foundation of 10+ years of advisory, training and coaching of design practitioners across sectors, industries and geographies.

Sandra started her career at Google in 2010 and left in 2018 to help values-driven teams design for social impact under the alias Sandra By Design. Today, she's the founder of Design Changemakers and the founder and community lead at the Inclusive Design Jam. She lives in Paris, France.

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