Design Changemakers Accelerator

For values-driven designers and innovators.

Learn to design for positive outcomes and lead impactful change within your organization and beyond.

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Spring 2024
5 weeks
Up to 3 hours/week
From $429 USD*
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*Equitable pricing available

Are you tired of profit-centric design and innovation?

If you're here, you're probably eager to design products, services and other solutions that do good for the world — and not just maximize profit. But making change is often easier said than done.

Struggling to start?

You've started exploring ethics, social responsibility, equity and inclusion, but it feels overwhelming and complex. You may feel unprepared or lack direction.

Lacking tools & methods?

You understand what it means to design for positive impact but can't figure out what concrete actions to take. You may lack practical tools and methods.

Facing pushback?

Your team, leaders, organization or clients don't seem to care about positive impact. You may get constant pushback and feel alone in this work.
Octavia Butler with a neutral facial expression
"The only way to prove to yourself that you have power is to use it."
Octavia Butler

We'll help you work through obstacles to change.

You don't have to feel powerless in the face of oppressive systems, restrictive business norms and resistance to change.

The Design Changemakers Accelerator is a 5-week course that will help you harness your power to design for positive impact and become an agent for change in your organization and community.

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What you'll learn

The program will challenge you to apply a lens of equity, inclusion and justice to your work. This means subverting oppression (such as harm and access barriers) and nurturing liberation (such as joy and safety).

Over the course of 5 weeks, you'll evolve in four key ways:

You'll become more discerning, recognizing patterns of oppression and liberation in your work and the world around you.
You'll actively disrupt oppression and enable liberatory outcomes, taking thoughtful actions throughout the design process.
You'll boost business innovation and social impact, making principled decisions on tradeoffs and priorities.
You'll become a change agent, inciting support and momentum for change in processes, culture and systems.

Two ways to participate

We know that you may not always have the time, energy or budget to invest in deep learning. That's why we offer you two ways to participate: the Full Experience and the Self-Paced Experience.

Full Experience

Take online lessons, get hands-on practice in workshops and receive personalized guidance in office hours every week (15 hours total, up to 3 hours/week).

4 live practical workshops
Weekly coaching in private office hours
Online lessons, exercises and assessments
Design Changemaker's Toolkit
Community discussions and peer support

Best for: Those with the time, energy and financial ability to pursue deeper growth and development.

Self-Paced Experience

Review the material, do the exercises and connect with peers at your own pace (5 hours total).

Online lessons, exercises and assessments
Design Changemaker's Toolkit
Community discussions and peer support

Best for: Those who desire to grow at a lighter, more affordable pace.

Explore learning formats

The program is filled with dedicated moments for discovery, introspection, discussion and practical application.

Click on each item below to see details.

Build a solid foundation.

Get acquainted with theory, key concepts and practices through online lessons, exercises and assessments.
Online video lesson on "designing for the default" on the Thinkific platform

Get hands-on practice.

Work through practical cases and dig into complex topics with 4 hands-on live workshops (5 hours of practice!).
Full Experience Only
A Mural board where people are working through activities on oppressive and liberatory patterns

Connect and grow with peers.

Ask questions, discuss topics and network with peers on our private community platform and in our opening and closing community calls.
The private community space for the program on the Thinkific platform

Get personalized guidance.

Bring your challenges and questions for direct guidance from your instructor in weekly office hours.
Full Experience Only
A coffee cup next to a laptop with 15+ people connected on Zoom

Apply learnings on an ongoing basis.

Get practical tools, frameworks and curated resources in the Design Changemaker's Toolkit that'll enable you to apply learnings after the program ends.
Snapshots of the tools and frameworks in the Design Changemaker's Toolkit

Your learning journey

The curriculum has been designed to move you forward
from theory to action at a reasonable pace.

Week 1: Find your why and your starting point
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Get familiar with the program and assess your current level of knowledge and practice. Review the social impact and business rationale behind designing for positive change and identify the “why” that most resonates with you.

1-hr Welcome Call: Introduction of program and instructor and networking with fellow participants
Online lessons and exercises
Group Office Hours (Full Experience only)
Week 2: Unpack the status quo and discover how to disrupt it
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Explore how systems of oppression show up in design, the world around you and even within yourself. Discover the norms, beliefs and practices that can enable change.

Online lessons and exercises
Applied tools: Design for Social Change Ecosystem, Design Changemaking Principles and Oppressive & Liberatory Spectrum.
2-hour Workshop: Identifying and unpacking patterns of oppression on a concrete case (Full Experience only)
Group Office Hours (Full Experience only)
Week 3: Grow your capacity
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Build habits and design practices that transform oppressive norms (such as racial bias and stereotypes) into more liberatory outcomes (such as authenticity and choice).

Online lessons and exercises
Applied tools: Design Changemaking Principles, The Reflexive Compass and Oppressive & Liberatory Spectrum
2-hour Workshop: Bias mitigation, harm reduction and activation of anti-oppressive practices on a concrete case (Full Experience only)
Group Office Hours (Full Experience only)
Week 4: Address barriers to change
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Work through objections, challenges and barriers to activating equity, inclusion and justice practices in your team, organization and/or projects.

Online lessons and exercises
Capacity assessment
Applied tools: The Reflexive Compass
90-min Workshop: Influencing stakeholders, securing resources and mobilizing support (Full Experience only)
Group Office Hours (Full Experience only)
Week 5: Activate change and prepare for future
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Apply new practices on a personal or professional project with support from your peers and instructor. Assess your progress and prepare an action plan for the future.

Online lessons and exercises
Applied tools: the entire Design Changemaker's Toolkit
90-min Workshop: Brainstorming and exploring participants' projects and challenges (Full Experience only)
1-hour Closing Call: Closing words and reflection on learnings

Scheduling Note: Workshops will be held on Zoom and take place on Wednesdays at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET/6 PM CEST to accomodate a global audience. Office hours will be held on Fridays at the same time.

Take practical steps with the Design Changemaker's Toolkit.

We'll provide you with a robust toolkit of tools, card decks and curated resources to put the learnings into action both within the program and beyond.

If you've purchased any card decks from our shop, get in touch and we'll discount them from your Accelerator program price.

A light-skinned Latina woman with dark brown hair smiling in front of stone pillars
Your instructor

You're in experienced hands.

Hi, I’m Sandra Camacho (She/Her), a.k.a. Sandra By Design and I'm thrilled to be your changemaking guide.

This program is filled with learnings, stories and frameworks from my many years of practice — not only as a designer, but as an educator, advisor, coach and community leader in this space.

To help you drive change forward in your organization, I've brought in a unique lens to this program that includes and goes beyond design. You'll find nuggets of business strategy, data analytics, psychology and innovation strategy drawn from my 15-year career.

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How to know if you're ready for this program?

If you're using design methods and mindsets to create products, services, programs or any other type of solution — and the below resonates with you — consider yourself ready.

You're connected to your values and wish to activate them in your work
You're eager to lean into introspection and "unlearning" with humility and curiosity, even if it's uncomfortable
You accept a reasonable pace of change and recognize that taking shortcuts magnifies risks of harm
You have a space in which you can practice, whether that's in your job, in a side project or with a community

Our accessibility, inclusion and equity actions.

Actions speak louder than words. We've thoughtfully designed accessibility, inclusion and equity into this program to elevate your experience.

We promise to provide you:

Ample space and flexible time to explore and learn without a sense of urgency or scarcity
Learning that accommodates your accessibility needs and makes you feel seen, heard, safe and respected
Equity mechanisms to break down barriers to access and participation
Get more details
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What learners say

This program is the culmination of a variety of learning experiences your instructor has run over the past 5 years for individuals and teams at startups, large companies and NGOs around the world.

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A smiling man with short hair
"I feel far more educated and empowered about the many forms oppressive practices take and how to chip away at those obstacles to create a more inclusive, equitable world through both my creative work and in my personal life."
Andrew, United States
Designer & Illustrator at Gravity Switch
A smiling man with long hair
"It was quite an interesting experience and quite eye-opening in certain ways. I have been researching about the topic for the last 2 years...and [it] was pretty hard to find real-life examples. Through the [program], I was able to see them more in practice."
Sebastián, Switzerland
UX/UI & Service Designer at UFirst Group
An Asian woman smiling
"This program is the first of its kind, and it's really well done. Even for someone like me who's the field for over two decades, I got a lot out of it...I like frameworks that strike the balance of being practical yet flexible enough to help me problem-solve my own way through obstacles."
Liya, United States
Deep Self Designer & Coach; Former Managing Partner of Totally Human & Studio Head of Idean
A smiling man
"Sandra really succeeded in helping us confront the realities of discrimination and our cognitive biases. Thank you for this revelation of an unknown world that will, without a doubt, change our perspective and our ways of working."
Thierry, France
Co-Founder at Suricats Consulting
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Ready to make change?

Enroll in the learning experience that best aligns with what you can invest into the program. Monthly payments are available if you can't afford to pay in full today.

Request a private team session
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Full Experience

For those with the time, energy and ability to pursue deeper growth and development (3 hours/week).

4 live workshops for hands-on practice
Weekly office hours for personalized guidance
Online lessons on theory, concepts and practices
Interactive exercises and assessments
Design Changemaker's Toolkit: tools, resources and frameworks
Community discussions and peer support
$989 USD

Self-Paced Experience

For those who desire to grow at a lighter, more affordable pace (1 hour/week).

Online lessons on theory, concepts and practices
Interactive exercises and assessments
Design Changemaker's Toolkit: tools, resources and frameworks
Community discussions and peer support
$429 USD

Signing up as a team (3+ people)? Reach out to receive group discounts.

Our promise for equitable access

Receive equitable discounts

If you cannot afford to pay the full price due to income, currency or identity-based barriers, we welcome you to apply for equitable discounts of up to 75% off.

Apply for equitable discount
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Request employer support

If you have access to professional development funds and need help making your request to your employer, check out our easy-to-use template.

See reimbursement template
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Sponsor a participant

If you wish to use your financial privilege to break down access barriers, support a participant through our scholarship fund.

Coming soon
A calendar

Timing doesn't work? No problem!

You have space and flexibility to engage in learning on your schedule. While the program has a set start and end date, you have a period of 6 months to consult the materials, including recordings of workshops and office hours.

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Need more info to make a decision?

Watch information session

You'll get an overview of the program, an early look at the materials and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Book 1:1 call

Do you have specific questions on the program, your situation or about enrollment? I'm happy to speak to you directly! Sign up for a 1:1 info call below.

Frequently asked questions

Is this for beginners or someone more advanced?
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This program is designed for people in the early and mid stages of their journey with designing for equity, inclusion and justice. If you haven't started, this program will give you what you need to start. If you already know the baseline concepts and are eager to start putting things into practice, this program will take you to the next level.

Practitioners of more advanced levels will find still value in exploring and experimenting new frameworks, challenging their existing approaches and deepening the conceptual foundations of their practice.

If you'd like to tell us more about your situation to determine if it's the right fit for you, don't hesitate to get in touch at
I’m not a designer. Is this for me?
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We believe that anyone can leverage design mindsets and practices, whether you are a professionally trained designer, researcher, consultant, entrepreneur, marketer, engaged citizen or beyond. This program is targeted to anyone who is looking to imagine and bring to life solutions that have positive social impact on the world.
Is there a focus on practical application?
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Absolutely! Both the Self-Paced Experience and the Full Experience contain practical tips and exercises to help you translate theory into concrete action. The Full Experience will take you further in your practice. The live workshops and coaching enable you to apply your learnings to sample cases and your actual projects with hands-on guidance.
What if I can’t make a live session or coaching calls?
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No problem! All live sessions will be recorded and made available to you in multiple formats (video recording, audio recording and written transcript) within 24 hours.
I can’t make these dates. Will there be other sessions in the future?
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You have space and flexibility to engage in learning on your schedule. While the program has a set start and end date, you have a period of 6 months to consult the materials, including recordings of workshops and office hours.

But if you prefer to the do the session live, get notified of future sessions below.
*Required. Unsubscribe at any time.  View Privacy Policy.
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How many fellow participants can I expect?
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Sessions will be capped at 20 participants each to ensure a small group experience. However, each program must have a minimum of 5 enrolled participants to take place or it will be subject to rescheduling or cancellation. The new date and time will take into the account the availability of enrolled participants to the best of our ability.
When does enrollment close?
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Enrollment will stay open until all available slots are filled or until 48 hours before the start of the program (whatever comes first).
How do you ensure participants' safety, trust and ability to fully participate?
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We've made and will continue to accommodate a variety of learning styles, levels of abilities and learning preferences, as well as create a safe learning environment for everyone present. This includes:
  • ALT text for all visuals and closed captions, searchable transcripts (embedded in the video player) and audio-only versions provided for all video lessons
  • Visuals, examples and data drawn from a variety of contexts and geographies to represent a variety of perspectives
  • Closed captions, visual descriptions and live transcripts made available during our live workshops
  • Limited use of jargon or complex language
  • Thoughtful facilitation practices to ensure all participants, especially the most marginalized in the group, have equal opportunities to learn, contribute and ask questions
  • Community agreements and moderation to create a safe space with trust, integrity and compassion, as well as repercussions for those who don't abide by them
I have an accommodation request that isn’t covered here.
Arrow pointing down
Get in touch at at any time to tell me how we can best accommodate you.  We'll do everything possible to honor your request.
Who is eligible for equitable discounts?
Arrow pointing down
We are testing an honor system and trust that you can determine your eligibility for an equitable discount on the basis of financial and access barriers. Consider yourself eligible if you meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • have a net income below 50% of the median income of your country (for instance, this means earning less than $35,000 in the US)
  • identify as a member of a historically racial/ethic marginalized group with regards to race, ethnicity and/or level of ability
  • carry significant caretaking responsibilities
  • live in a country with high currency exchange rates (e.g., India)
  • are in an unstable professional situation (e.g. unemployment, students)
  • have no access to professional development funds
Those with the greatest financial barriers will be prioritized. If we learn that you have misrepresented yourself to take unfair advantage of our scholarships, your enrollment will be cancelled and subject to a partial refund (full amount paid minus a 10% deduction that will be allocated to our equitable access fund).

Do you offer payment plans?
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Yes, we can split the payment into three monthly installments. A payment plan for the Full Experience can be purchased via this link, whereas a payment plan for the Self-Paced Experience can be purchase here.
Do you offer refunds?
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You have the right to cancel your enrollment for the Full Experience within 5 calendar days of your purchase (so long as this falls at least 7 days before the start of the program). You will receive a full refund of any payments you have made. Reach out at to cancel your enrollment.

The Self-Paced Experience is non-refundable as it will be available for immediate access (as of January 29, 2024). As we are a small operation, we unfortunately cannot grant refunds outside of these conditions except in extraordinary circumstance, which will be entirely at our discretion.
How can I get my employer to reimburse the cost of this?
Arrow pointing down
Check out our employer reimbursement request template that you can fill out and share with your employer to request them to sponsor your participation.
I still have questions.
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We're happy to answer them! Contact us at

Have the answers you need?

We're eager to have you join us!

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