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Our Mission & Goals
Design Changemakers was created with the mission to enable changemakers to harness their power to design for positive change. That's why we aim to bring diverse perspectives into the project and give people opportunities to practice with "design for change" practices.

Our hope is also to subvert the notion that it's not possible to design for accessibility, inclusion and equity when you have limited resources or are building an MVP. That's why we'll document and share our progress, learnings and challenges as we build to benefit the wider product & design community.
Our Vision
We hope to make an interactive, dynamic library that makes it easy for people to find the information, knowledge and people that can support efforts. The library would be built with inclusion, accessibility and equity in mind

*What do we mean by designing for positive change? We see it as the intersection of approaches diversity & inclusion, accessibility, equity & justice, ethics, care & healing and beyond.

We're on a mission to enable changemakers to harness their power to design for positive change.

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Our point of view

What is design changemaking?

It means using the power of design to disrupt oppressive systems and move toward justice and liberation for all.

In practice, it means breaking down barriers to access, reducing harm and uplifting the most marginalized with our designs.

For lasting impact, this means enabling change around us at multiple levels — not just in design practices but in mindsets, behaviors, culture, tools and systems.

Our offerings

How we empower changemakers

We believe you have the power to make change, no matter your starting point, job title or level of design expertise.

We've designed a myriad of learning touchpoints and experiences in our Newsletter, Shop, Events and Library to enable you to design for positive change.

We recommend you start with our Design Changemaking Playbook, which will introduce you to our frameworks and walk you through your first steps.

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Our training philosophy

Forward progress, not shortcuts.

Our courses, tools and frameworks are not shortcuts to social change. They are designed to be modular and fit within a larger journey of change that extends far beyond this platform.

We encourage you to see them as guideposts and aids in your journey toward equity, inclusion and justice.

Our values

We foster inclusion and belonging by valuing differing perspectives, holding space for others, and respecting privacy and confidentiality in our platform.
We believe in the power of the collective. We create ties between disciplines, individuals and communities to guide you toward systemic impact.
We acknowledge the emerging nature of the practice of designing for equity, inclusion and justice and commit to learning from and with our learners.
Global Perspectives
We intentionally seek out diverse perspectives and decentralize our learning experiences to take regional and local nuances into account.
Equal Access
We commit to removing barriers to participation and access to ensure as many people as possible benefit from our offerings.
Proper Attribution
We acknowledge and attribute credit to the original authors of work shared on our platform while also protecting our own original creations.

Our equity, inclusion and accessibility actions.

Actions speak louder than words. That's why we have intentionally designed equity, inclusion and accessibility into this platform.

As this platform is self-funded and operated by a team of one, we commit to an ongoing journey of improvement in line with our resourcing.

Equitable access
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We break down barriers to access through multiple price points and equitable discounts ranging from 25% to 100%. We regularly offer free insights, resources and learning in our Design Changemakers Digest and Library.

Accessible learning
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We provide ALT text, visual descriptions, closed captions, transcripts and audio-only versions of video content. We limit our use of jargon and complex language and are mindful of color contrast. We accomodate further accessibility requests to the best of our ability.

Inclusive and safe experiences
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We use community agreements (with repercussions when not respected), content moderation and thoughtful facilitation practices to ensure you feel seen, heard, safe and respected in your learning experiences.

Decentralized, diverse perspectives
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We draw visuals, examples, stories and data from a variety of contexts and geographies. While our content is currently in English, we hope to make translations available in the future. We aim to bring in more instructors and lived experienced experts, with a focus on centering marginalized voices, over time as our resourcing capabilities grow.

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Our history

Design Changemakers is an offshoot of the Inclusive Design Jam, a community of practice on inclusive and equitable design on Slack.

Formerly known as the Inclusive Design Jam Academy, Design Changemakers was split off from the community and emerged into  a separate platform to expand beyond the scope of inclusive design and transparently anchor itself in a learning mission.

The platform remains closely interconnected with the community, both overseen by the same founder.

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About our founder

Design Changemakers was founded by Sandra Camacho (She/Her), an independent inclusive & equitable design strategist, advisor and educator based in Paris, France. After 8 years at Google, she took on the alias Sandra By Design in 2018 to help organizations design for social impact.

She's spent the past 5+ years working with organizations around the world to evolve culture, practices and processes for more inclusive and equitable outcomes. She's our lead instructor and also the founder and lead at the Inclusive Design Jam community.

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